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Maslow’s Prophecy… How To Choose (or be) A Great Life Coach

By: Bythos   /   Jul 12, 2012   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity   /   No Comments

The best description of life coaching I know was written by Abraham Maslow – the “father of humanistic psychology” – around thirty years before there were any life coaches: “There is a new kind of job opening up, and it is one that demands experience rather than book training. It is a sort of combination of an old-fashioned minister and a teacher. You have to be concerned with people. And …

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Dialogue With a ‘Law of Attraction’ student

By: Bythos   /   May 06, 2012   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity, Spiritual   /   No Comments

“I worry about attracting bad things to myself. I can’t seem to stop these doubts and fears, and I’m afraid they are manifesting all sorts of problems, despite my best intentions. How can I make sure I don’t attract bad into my life?” “Your job isn’t to stop the bad. Your job is to enjoy the good. And that doesn’t require avoiding the bad. It doesn’t require dealing with the …

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What we’re really talking about

By: Bythos   /   Mar 11, 2012   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity, Spiritual   /   No Comments

An act arising out of originality and true conscious creative impulse, is the most powerful thing in the world and is itself genius. The smallest thing done in this way can change the world: making a cup of coffee. Someone could truly consecrate their coffee this way and the love experienced would revolutionize their relationship with coffee, and they might easily become a millionaire based on a simple new coffee …

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The Three Levels of Life Purpose

By: Bythos   /   Nov 30, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity, Spiritual   /   No Comments

Your true purpose actually has three distinct levels: Life Purpose, Vocation, and Ultimate Mission. Being able to articulate all three levels clearly will help you become a powerhouse of purpose. Here’s a breakdown of the levels, using my Life Purpose Coaching practice as an example: 1. Life Purpose is actually the least “personal” of the three. It doesn’t have to address the particular passion, trade, or business you’re involved in. …

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Greatness is a choice, made over and over, not an innate quality

By: Bythos   /   Oct 25, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity, Spiritual   /   1 Comment

Many of us put off living our highest ideals, or pursuing our fullest potential and greatest passions, because we imagine we lack some quality that “those” people have: “Those” people being the successful, the great, the intelligent, the fortunate, the blessed… insert whatever adjective you imagine yourself to be lacking. Whatever you choose, it’s a lie. And those we call great have been telling us this all along. Starting with …

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The Levels Of Creative Commitment

By: Bythos   /   Oct 19, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity, Spiritual   /   No Comments

Level One is where we don’t try, unless it’s given to us. And even then we keep doubting it’s really meant for us, keep asking for permission, keep looking for something outside of us to give us security and confidence. We flirt with opportunity, craving its love, but never really believing we can have it, so we never let ourselves truly desire it. And of course it doesn’t take too …

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How Goals Become Liabilities

By: Bythos   /   Mar 27, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity   /   No Comments

Many people make a critical mistake in the goal-making process. This mistake of perception can derail otherwise imminent success, gut self-esteem, and drain motivation to set goals altogether. It is one of the most insidious manifestations of Survival Stage™ thinking, and no doubt keeps many people in poverty even though they may seem to make great efforts to rise above it. I have written elsewhere that there are only three …

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Why You’re Stuck and How To Unstick

By: Bythos   /   Mar 17, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity   /   No Comments

People who long to live their true purpose commonly bog down in one of three places: 1. The main vision. When stuck here, you have difficulty identifying your deepest dreams, true purpose and passions, and where you want to go in life. It’s possible you’ve taken part in numerous online quizzes and “career tests” in order to answer these questions; but all you ended up learning was that you’re a …

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Cultivating Wealth Of Time

By: Bythos   /   Feb 24, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity   /   No Comments

If you think you don’t have enough time, it’s almost impossible for you to think you have enough money. Wealth in money and wealth in time are so intimately related, that I’m offering these exercises to cultivate mindfulness and “wealth of time”: Establish a routine for meditation. I’ve found it slows down your day and makes time literally expand. For me, ten minutes in the morning adds at least two …

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Why Commitment Isn’t Effective

By: Bythos   /   Jan 28, 2011   /   Coaching & Life, Prosperity   /   No Comments

Often we imagine that a strong commitment is the best predictor of success. Actually it isn’t. While it has limited success with certain contracts such as marriage, a commitment is only a poor substitute for present-moment choice. More often, it actually makes success harder to achieve. Those who achieve lasting success in marriage or life do so not because of the strength of their commitments. Sure they may tell you …

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